Thursday, July 11, 2013

1996 Honda Accord CC7-9 Manual Shop Supplement (62SN723,62SN724,62SN725)

H23A3 engine type added
F20Z1, F20Z2 engines valve clearance modified
Rear mount bracket Changed

- Torque value of radiator fan self locking nut
- Connecting pipe (H23A3 engine)
- Water pump
F18A3 engine added
F22Z2 (SOHC VTEC) engine added
Cylinder head cover installation procedures changed
Changed for 2.3 ( model addition
- Vacuum connections
- Electrical connections
- Heated oxygen sensor (H02S)
- TDC/CKP/CYP sensor
- Starting air valve
- Fast idle thermo valve
- Throttle body
- Intake air bypass (IAB) control system
- Intake air control system
Main wire harness changed
F18A3 engine added
F22Z2 engine added Adopted
- Immobilizer system
- Fuel tube/quick connect fittings Changed
- Fuel filter
- Vacuum connections
- Maintenance schedule of air clear element
Manual Transmission
Countershaft 2nd gear synchro system changed
- Countershaft clearance inspection
- Reverse idle gear shaft torque
Manual transmission fluid designation changed
Automatic Transmission
Changed for 2.31 model addition
- Road test shift schedule
- Stall speed RPM
- Pressure testing fluid pressure
- 1st/2nd clutch assembly
Circuit diagram modified
- Reverse idler gear shift and holder
- Main valve body assembly
- Secondary shaft assembly
- Clutch discs and pistons
- Throttle control cable inspection and adjustment Discontinued
- Right side cover protector
- Magnet on ATF strainer
- 1st-hold clutch plates
- Secondary shaft axial clearance specification
- Torque value of the transmission housing bolts Added
- 1st clutch discs
- Hydraulic circuit
- Electronic A/T control system
- Self-diagnosis indicator light
- Shift schedule
- Automatic transmission fluid designation
- Gear shift selector
Power steering system changed
Application of brake pads changed due to 2.3 (model addition)
- Torque value of rear brake caliper bracket mounting bolt for conventional brakes
- Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
Possible to replace the reservoir and the accumulator of the modulator unit
- Replacement parts of front and rear brake caliper
- Master cylinder
- Brake booster inspection procedures
- ABS system
- Front spoiler for 2.3 t model
- Trunk spoiler for 2.31 model
Some protectors of doors added
- Front bumper, front grille, sunroof and emblem Adopted
- 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat
- High mount brake light
Manual Code 62SN723,62SN724,62SN725
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